The scion frs combined with technology

The scion frs is a great example of modern automotive engineering. One of the biggest pieces of technology is the advanced traction control system. It features over 30 sensors that are placed around the car to help identify when you are losing control. A few of these sensors main job are to measure the yaw rotation of your frs. Once it sense that you are starting to rotate (oversteer). Once it senses this lose of control it starts to automatically brake at different wheels depending on the best way of correction. It also has an highly advanced abs system that allows you to regain control of the frs in low grip situations. There are a few different ways to disable this traction control which in turn allows you to have a bit of fun and slide the car around. The first way is to simply press the traction control button. This will limit the intervention of the computer. While it allows you to slide a bit it will quickly bring you back in line if it sense that you are loosing control. The second way is to press and hold the traction control button for 5 seconds. This will allow you to do burn outs and general mischief. In this setting the traction control will kick in very late and only if it thinks your are in extreme danger. For example one of the only ways to have it kick in is if a wheel leaves the ground. If you are on a closed course you can also do what is described as the “pedal dance” while I wont go into detail right now it basically consists of pressing different peddles and pulling the handbrake after start up. This completely disables all computer aids leaving every thing up to you.

One large downside to the frs is the exhaust system. by simply adding a new exhaust system you can easily and quickly wake up your car. I recommend this article on frs exhaust systems if you are looking for a more in depth guide.

The frs also has a highly advanced direct over head injected boxer engine. It responds great to force induction. This is to be expected though as it is very similar to the engine that the brand new wrx features. One of the most popular additions is a supercharger. It offers a very linear power curve that complements the frs nicely. The only downside is that it doesn’t make near as much power as a turbo down low and overall. Leading my on to the second forced induction setup. That is a turbo. A turbo takes the exhaust gases of the car and uses them to spool up a turbine. The turbine in turn forces extra power into the engine. Which leads to much more power. The only downside is that the car has to rev to a certain rpm to fully “spool” the turbo. While this isn’t really experienced in the frs since most kits use a very small turbo it can still be a problem.…

Top three car technologies of the future

The auto industry is one filled with innovation and creativity. It is also very lucrative. Thus extremely large amounts of are spent each year by each car company in hopes of creating the best car. Thus they are willing to try out many ideas that may seem far off but are in reality happening in real time. For example look at tesla. They are all electric which ten years ago would have seemed crazy. The even more unbelievable part is that they can drive themselves. Because of this we have decided to go over the 3 most likely future car technologies.

  1. Body panel batteries.

While it may seem to be a strange concept many manufactures are already looking in to it. It is expected that by 2040 half of all new cars will be hybrids. Thus they need to be able to carry battery’s to power the electric motors.  One leading idea is to make the body panels able to hold the energy required to power the motors. They also would have the benefit of being lighter than normal body panels.

2. Car stopping airbags

Air bags are every where in cars. You have the usual front mounted ones, side head ones, knee ones even seatbelt ones. Mercedes plans on utilizing airbags in a little different manner. They plan on placing a large airbag below the car. Once the car realizes that a collision is inevitable. The airbag will feature a high friction material which will help the car come to a stop faster.

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